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My Stand-Alone Books

"A Debutante for the Rancher"

You become a true lady when you choose to be wise and kind!", Nate had written in the letter!

Leonie Trowbridge is a beautiful young debutante mesmerized by the glittering social season in London. After her urgent return to Colorado, she sees her first love, Jem, as just another cowboy! The upcoming fire and her uppity controlling aunt succeed to set them apart! And when she falls for a rich Englishman, Jem is faced with an impossible task: to turn himself into one of Leonie’s romance-novel heroes, before his sweet-talking rival wins her heart! Will Leonie choose wisely? Will Leonie’s rich suitor’s secret be exposed? Read this highly-rated Novel to find out!

"His Stubborn Sweet Bride"

Was a letter delivered to the wrong person, or was God in it?

When Nate Trowbridge moves from London to a Colorado ranch, in the year of our Lord 1878, he plans to live the life of a respectable country gentleman and to marry a refined girl from a good family. But when his drunken messenger delivers his proposal of marriage to the wrong address, his home is invaded by a redheaded woman who seems determined to take over his house and his heart. Nate has to decide what to do with this uninvited guest--and the shocking emotions she stirs up in his heart. Will he regain control of his house and himself? Or will Molly Clanahan wreck his life with a disastrous scandal?

"Boston Bride Salvation"

Will they avert disaster - or will Fiona lose the brave young man she’s only just realized she loves?

Fiona Parker travels to Colorado as a mail order bride, in the year of our Lord 1877, but her dreams of a happy marriage are soon shattered. Her ‘fiancé’ is an abusive drunkard who imprisons her against her will, and she only escapes his clutches when the Cheyenne raid his ranch. The Cheyenne believe Fiona is good luck to them, and refuse to let her go. But when the Cavalry comes to her rescue at last, Fiona finds herself at the mercy of the handsome captain who doesn’t believe a word of her story. When the two of them ride back to the angry Cheyenne, can they avert disaster--or will Fiona lose the brave young man she’s only just realized she loves?

Hi, I'm Chloe!

"Once upon a time..."

...my best childhood nights had started with this wonderful phrase!

Ever since I can remember, I loved a good story!

All started thanks to my beloved grandfather! He used to read to my sister and me, stories of mighty princes and horrifying dragons! Even now, sometimes I miss those cold winters in front of the fireplace in my hometown, Texas!

My best stories though were the ones from the Bible! Such is the spiritual connection that a cozy warm pass through my body every time I hear a biblical story!

My childhood memories were not all roses, but I always knew that the strongest shelter would be always there for me! It was Him!

Years passed by, and little-Chloe grown up reading all kind of stories! It was no surprise that I had this urge to write my own stories, and share them with the word!

If I have a God's purpose on Earth, I think it is to spread His love and wisdom, through my stories!

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